Registered Flock No: D784;  NSW Ovine Brucellosis Accreditation No: OB12/10; OJD Status: 4 ABC points.

Owned and operated as a subsidiary of Summers Consulting Pty Ltd.  ABN 97 083 306 692

Crestwood Dorpers is located between Canberra and Yass in the heart of Canberra's cool climate wine region. 

Dorpers have been bred at Crestwood since 2000 with the foundation stock originally obtained as embryos from the Yandiah stud in WA.  Since that time our breeding flock has evolved dramatically by weaving together highly selected combinations of Amarula, Dell, Kaya, Global and Terraweena elites incorporating South African bloodlines such as Mickey Phillips, John Dell, Dorsland and Viljoen.  


At Crestwood our aim is to produce top quality breeding stock for use by other breeders/producers wanting to expand, replace or improve their genetic base.  Our focus is entirely on quality and consistency.  As a result, we are very selective in our breeding processes.   We use Society Breed Standards to assess the traits you can see, Lambplan ASBV's to assess the traits you can't, and proprietary performance metrics to guide our breeding decisions. 


Although we have several high quality stud rams here at Crestwood we frequently source genetics from Australia's top rams to promote a particular trait or generally improve growth, meat qualities and/or conformation.  If we find one of those magic combinations with one or more of our stud ewes, we then use embyro collection and transfer techniques to expand the genetic base and test in our own trial flocks before offering to other breeders.  


We work in very close cooperation with our good friend and brilliant vet Dr Francois Marais of Ovatec Pty Ltd in Dubbo.  Francois is a specialist in artificial breeding and well known throughout the dorper industry.  Ovatec also store our frozen semen and embryo stock from where they can be transferred to other breeders located around the country.


For local flock owners we can arrange for our embryos to be implanted in your sheep when our vet visits us and assist you in the preparation.   In this way, rather than attempt to "breed-up" by traditional means, you can jump many generations and breed superior quality animals using your own ewes as surrogate mothers. 


We also sell young rams and ewes that we breed as part of our ram trials programs.  All animals we sell are full-blood, registered and classed by a Society inspector.  We do not sell any animal that we would not be prepared to use ourselves.  


For beginners, we can provide advice and guidance on set-up requirements as well as supply quality starter flocks. 


Please contact us if you think we can be of assistance in your Dorper enterprise.

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